Here come the beers!

We've been working very hard on the beer list and nearly have it pinned down. Here are the first entries:

Joule's Pale

The brewery has been designed and built with a single purpose; to brew the original and once world famous Joule’s Pale Ale. This pale ale was legendary, and the beer which established the company. When Bass closed the brewery, the records including the brewer’s notes and methods were stored in the Bass archive at the museum site, and the yeast in the Bass yeast bank. In recent years Coors micro plant has brewed the original beer on a small scale using Burton water to wide spread acclaim. The new brewery was designed to give us maximum control a chilling plant to a steam boiler this was essential to match the old beer. The recipe is of course vital but we also needed the experience of Anthony Heeley, Anthony was the last brewer to make the Pale Ale in Stone in 1974, he worked with new brewer Adam Goodall to perfect and refine the beer until he was satisfied that it was to the best of his recollection 'Joules' ale. Anthony brewed and enjoyed the beer for nearly 20 years so that was good enough for us and we launched the brew 36 years to the day when he had brewed the final batch.

Brewed with a blend of crystal malt providing a biscuity base and tipple malt providing a malty sweet caramel flavour. The crisp, clear finish is provided by our local mineral water. Our special blend of hop flower gives the fruity, well rounded bitterness and slightly spicy aroma.

Joule's are our principal sponsor and we will be taking two of their ales.

Finney's Dunkelseite

Ken Finney is a true indie brewer from Wellington (Shropshire!) making two or three ales in total. Dunkelseite came about when he was asked to make a German-style dark beer for Oktoberfest and we are delighted to feature it this year.

Enville Real Ale with Ginger

This one proved to be a winner at last year's event: so much so that it sold out before I had a chance to try it! (Odds of that happening this year? Very low!)

From a neighbouring county, it's produced using root extract ginger. It's an ingeniously created ginger beer that has a very refreshing flavour without being overpowering.

Next.. part 2 of the Beers and part 1 of the Ciders...

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