For those who like Lager we have Shropshire Lager on Draught.

Shropshire Lager is a beer born out of demand from Lager drinkers looking for something more. More flavour, more body and more passion from the brewer! A handcrafted Lager from carefully selected ingredients using an age old process for the very best results. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy brewing it. 4.2% ABV Malts – Extra pale Barley Hops – Magnum, Liberty

Yes, it's a green bitter

If you were wondering why I posted a photo of a glass of something that looked like Creme de Menthe last week, here's why. We are going to feature Sign of Spring by Stonehenge Ales at the Festival this year and... yes... it is green. It's a premium bitter at 4.6% that happens to be green. I suspect that it'll be one of those marmite things, you will either love it or you will hate. Can't wait to hear what people think of it on the day, I for sure will try at least one.

And the Ciders are up!

Three of the twelve ciders come from local makers: Woodhall's and Stonehouse Brewery. Whubarb is an established favourite but Strawberry & Lime is a new cider from Woodhall's that we will try out this year. New to us also is Sweeney Mountain, a medium dry cider from Stonehouse near Oswestry. The other nine comprise a good range of classics (Old Rosie on the scrumpy side of the farm) through Slack Alice (!) all the way to Sloe Gin, another old favourite that sold out last year. Have a look at the list and let us know what you think.

Start drooling, the beers list is up

We have confirmed nearly 90% of the ales for the Festival, just waiting on the last two before it's a done deal. See the list here. You'll have a rare opportunity to sample Dunkelseite by Ken Finney of Wellington, a German-style dark beer which is only available in limited quantities. Ale of Odin by Corvedale brewery is also a bit of a Festival Special although Ludlow Spring Festival did get to try it first. We are hoping to secure a cask of a truly unusual ale from out of the area that will be unlike anything we have every seen at this Festival before. Fingers crossed that we get it, I think it's going to be one of those marmite things, you will either love it or hate it. Just about to

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