There will be lots of  activities for  kids during the day:

Face-painting: 2.00pm - 5.30pm

Garden Games: 12 noon to 7pm

Curbside Gaming Van: 2pm - 5pm

Kids Tickets include tokens for a soft-drink, snack

and either face-painting or time in the games van.

Additional tokens are available to buy at £1 each

from the Token Stall


Notice: Responsibility for Supervision of Children

While this Festival seeks to work in partnership with parents, guardians and carers to ensure a safe environment as far as is reasonably practicable, the responsibility for children with their parents or carers.

Therefore the acceptance of children into the Festival site is strictly on the following basis:

  • For the entire duration of the Festival all parents/guardians/carers are responsible for the continuous care and supervision of their own children/pupils/vulnerable adults.

  • This includes supervision throughout all Festival venues, performance, practice and changing areas that may be provided, as well as surrounding areas if children are temporarily leaving the site.

  • If parents/guardians/carers are unable to attend personally, they must delegate their responsibilities to an identified adult and ensure that their children/vulnerable adults are aware of the identity and name of the person responsible for their care.

Children for the purposes of this Notice includes all individuals under 18 years of age, as well as vulnerable adults.

No unauthorised photography, audio or video recording of children and vulnerable people is allowed at the Festival. Where parents/guardians/carers do not wish photos to be taken at all, then the responsible adult attending should ensure that their child is not included in official photos.

Some children and vulnerable adults may have specific needs in order to take part. If this is the case we ask the responsible parents/guardians/carers to contact the Festival Organisers prior to arrival. The Festival actively seeks wherever possible to meet these needs, but must know beforehand in order to prepare support – or to advise that help cannot be provided on this occasion.

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